Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Photos

This is a picture of my current centerpiece for my dining table. I have collected sewn and stuffed pumpkins and squash for a few years. There are also a couple of ears of corn and some candy corn. This very large antique wooden bowl has a great primitive finish. The bowl is 17" in diameter. I have always loved hogscraper candlesticks, and these are two of my growing collection, decorated for Fall. I'm not sure if I will leave this as is on my table. I also have a very long shallow wooden box that looks great with Fall items inside. I may post a picture of it decorated, too.
This is one of the kittens by the backyard pond. Looks relaxing, doesn't it?

Meet, Isis, one of the kittens. She is really sweet and good natured. She looks bored with picture taking today!

My daughter found this little baby in our drive yesterday. She is the size of a half dollar and still has her little egg tooth! She is a snapping turtle who could grow to 85 lbs. one day. Her shell is still soft and she is really cute! We've tried to feed her tiny fish from the pond, carrots, lettuce and earthworms, but she doesn't seem very hungry. I think we will take her down to the big lake soon and release her in the very shallow, muddy part where she should be able to find plenty of food and places to hibernate this winter. What a cutie!


  1. Linda would you go read my friend Annettes post here,

    I would seriously like to know your thoughts on this subject. Thanks Sue

  2. Linda, Your centerpiece is gorgeous! You've collected well over the years, everything blends together. I must tell you that if one of the kittens comes up missing it would be my DH - he wants a smoky gray cat like your kittens. He keeps threatening Frito that he's going to throw him outside and get a "better" cat. That's funny because DH will be the first to tell you that Frito is just about the perfect cat! Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  3. I really like your centerpiece. The bowl is the perfect piece for all of the fall colors. Your kitties are beautiful. We have one that is the same smokey grey but long haired. She rules the roost around here. What makes that so funny is that we think someone dropped her off here. Ususally the move-ins don't take over. I love your bittersweet wreath from last post. Mine had more leaves than berries this year. I will keep that wreath in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just love your centerpiece. Wonderful pictures..the kitties are adorable and that little turtle is just so sweet!


  5. Lovely photos...the centerpiece is so perefectly prim...and gotta love those gray kitties...

  6. Wow Linda - Your centerpiece is just beautiful! As hard as I try it seems my table is ALWAYS ccovered with papers & magazines & mail and JUNK. I'm the culprit so I can't even blame anyone else for the mess - sigh!

  7. Thank you, All! Isn't Fall the best for decorating? It is my favorite time of year, and I love the warm homey touch that Fall touches give my home.


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