Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moonlit Pumpkins Needle Felted Pillow

Today was not the best day I've had for a while. My sister rolled her car trying to avoid a dog who ran out in front of her. The good news is that both she and her two Maltese are ok. She missed the running dog, too! Our tractor which is used to mow our 3 acres and our son's 5 acres quit running this morning. The good news is that the repair guys got it going again. The bad news is that it cost $100 to repair with parts. The good news is that it could have been MUCH worse!
I have felt pretty "blah" all day...hope I'm not coming down with the flu or something. We did have a great dinner tonight with burgers cooked on the grill, fresh peas from the garden and the best corn on the cob in the world. (I must brag on our local corn--it IS the best corn in the world IMHO!!) The only thing missing from the table was fresh ripe tomatoes from our garden. For some reason, our tomatoes are not ripening very quickly. The plants look great, but the tomatoes are still pretty small and green. (Possibly our extremely late spring may be the cause.)
The above needle felted pillow was a spur of the moment design from a couple of years ago. I tried to make it look like moon light on the tree and pumpkins, but it may look more like frost!! I like the way it turned out, but if I had it to do over again, I would have chosen different wool for the background. Live and learn! I have a rug started that I really like so far, so hopefully, I will have a new finished (small) rug to post soon. Hope you are having a good week.
Oh, by the way, I keep forgetting to mention the Paper Back Swap button in my side bar. If you like to read, please check out this website. Literally thousands of people exchange books to save money and trees! Believe me when I tell you, nearly any book in print (and quite a few which are no longer in print) is available on this swap site. We have been members for quite a while and it works very well. Great idea!


  1. Hi Linda!

    Your pillow looks great! Coming here, makes me want to get my fingers back into the wool.

    I love your ideas!

    Have a great day!


  2. Your pillow is just beautiful...And I like your attitude about things...Always look at the positive with things even when things are not going well..I hope you sister is not to sore..And I hope your not coming down with something..My daughter said the same thing to me yesterday that she thought she was coming down with something.. You have a great day...

  3. Happy to hear your sister and all dogs are Ok.
    Love the little pillow, I love needle felting, we have a machine in the shop, sure makes it faster.


  4. Linda ~
    You MUST stop showing your needle felt creations! They are just too cute and make me want to try it.
    I'm glad your sister and pooches are all okay. How very scary.
    I'm anxious to see your latest hooking project(s). You don't need to finish them before sharing them with us! I love to see work in progress, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Hi Linda,
    I think your pillow is adorable and I just love it. I can't wait to see more!

  6. This is just beautiful! I did a search for felted pillows and found you!! Wonderful!


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