Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jess Update

Jess is having fun exploring her new home. She is more curious than any cat and will eat anything that moves and most things that don't! She will chase flies, lightening bugs, toads, birds, cats, butterflies, dragonflies, Japanese beetles, and naievely HUGE bumblebees!!

Her favorite activity in the house is CHEWING. She loves shoes, fingers, toes, noses, chins, and hair. She also loves to bury her nose into corners of her bed, the sofa, chairs, and some rather embarrassing places! (That has got to stop! :-D )

Fortunately, she takes several naps per day, which gives us a much needed rest! She seems to love her sleeping crate, which to quote Martha Stewart, "is a very good thing." Her floppy right ear is now standing straight up (not sure why). She is definitely part Jack Russell. How big will she have to grow to fit those ears???!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I still love those ears...How precious. My German Shepherd/Huskie mix loved her cage...The other dogs hated it...We kept the cage up forever for her...She would go and sleep in it..When we took it away she took for cover under the coffee table...She liked the confinement of it..I know have a toddle puppy in the house is not easy at all. I still have another year with my Golden Retriever..He is like the pink bunny that goes and goes and goes... Lisa..

  2. Linda-
    Are you sure Jess is a Jack Russell? I recently got a Chihuahua (his parents are registered, but I'm not going to follow through with it) and Baxter's ears are just like Jess's. My boy is almost 4 months old and he's about 3lbs. His face is alot like Jess's too. My daughter got two of the litter and they don't look my boy. She got a boy and a girl. Their heads and ears are like their mothers, shorter nose and smaller ears and the other two boys (my Baxter and the other boy) look like their father big ears and longer nose. The two that my daughter got are short and chunky, my boy is long and lean, but they all weight about the same. Pam

  3. Linda ~
    Oh my! Jess is just too darned cute. You must just love her to death. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those ears ;)
    The foster pug I had before Frannie (fka Fat Girl) was 10 months old and had boundless energy just like Jess. I hope she doesn't chew anything too important.
    Keep us posted on her progress. Any rug progress???
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hi Lisa, Pam & Lauren! The people at the shelter were pretty sure that Jess is Pom and terrier mix. My husband keeps saying she is a Chihauhau, too! (It's the ears!) When I looked online and saw the Pom/Jack Russell mix, it was pretty clear that we had found what she is. The puppies look just like Jess. Since Jess is estimated to be 3 mos old and already weighs 7 lbs, that would indicate to me that she is probably not Chihauhua, but who knows? We keep plenty of toys about so that she has ok things to chew, but she seems to prefer shoes! She has a little stubborn streak, but she learns quickly, so hopefully nothing major will be chewed! I do have the cat rug started, Lauren, but the colors have not "spoken" to me yet. I think I'm going to make some adjustments and then show some progress. I have slowed considerably since Jess arrived, but I hope to have some progress reports soon.

  5. What a cutie Jess is! We rescued a Wheaten Terrier mix a few years ago, and she loved to chew. We picked up a Kong at Pet Smart that we put peanut butter in. That kept her occupied and taught her not to chew on shoes, and other things. She howls for her Kong after dinner now.
    All of our dogs have either been adopted from shelters, or rescued. Bless you for adopting Jess!

  6. Hi Terry! Thanks for the Kong tip. I'll have to try that. Peanut butter is much less expensive than new shoes!


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