Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beauty and A Breach Of Promise!

FIRST, the beauty!! My daughter and I found these miniature toad stools in our front flower bed this morning. They are sooooo tiny! When I saw them, I immediately thought of a fairy garden! There were several groups of them and they would have been a perfect setting for Tinkerbell!
One of my favorite shrubs on our property is the Diablo Nine Bark. I LOVE this plant!! I should say these plants, because we have three of them around our yard. As you can see from the above picture and the one below, it actually looks like two plants in one! The Diablo has both reddish leaves and green leaves, and its flowers last for several weeks or more. The great thing is that not only does it have two colors of leaves, it gets two colors of flowers, as well! Oddly enough, it develops white blossoms and pink blossoms. After a while, all the blossoms begin to appear a darker red as they develop seed pods! It really is unusual.

Here you can see both types of leaves and flowers on the same plant at the same time! Cool!
My sister gave me seeds for a plant that she and her husband grew at their home near Knoxville TN last year. She loved it so much that she shared it. I planted them late this Spring (thanks to our unusually rainy weather). The plant is called an Egyptian Bean Plant, and I researched it online, and found that it is also called the Hyacinth Bean Plant! The white flowers are supposed to be very fragrant and beautiful. The seeds have germinated and the little plants have grown to about 4" tall in about a week! I will post pictures when it flowers.
SECONDLY, I would like to vent about Mr. Obama's breach of promise to every voter who supported his bid for President of the United States. If politics is not your cup of tea, I apologize. I do hope you will read this though, because I feel that every American has a duty to investigate what his elected officials believe and ultimately DO while in office.
When he took his oath of office nearly five months ago, he swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Who knew then that he would set about to systematically DESTROY it! I don't say this lightly. Many people were so excited that he won the election and his popularity has been astonishing, especially when you consider how far he has taken us down the path to Socialism. I cannot understand why more people are not up in arms at what is happening to our country! The main stream media won't report negatives about Mr. Obama and many people seem to separate the man from his actions. If you ask people if they think that it is good for the government to borrow TRILLIONS of dollars, or to PRINT trillions of dollars, they shout a definite NO!! If you ask even those who voted for the man if they think that the government takeover of privately owned businesses and the forced breaking of legal contracts is the right thing to do, they say, "NO!" I have yet to meet anyone who thinks that the government is on the right track with all the stimulus payouts and the raising of taxes on one select group of people to pay for all this runaway spending . This is absolute chaos in our government. I am so frustrated that no one in the government seems to be listening to the people. The tea parties SHOULD have been a big wake up call to the administration that people are upset about the lack of common sense fiscal restraint in Congress. The politicians explained it away as big deal. It was a big deal! "We the People" were speaking, and the arrogant leadership didn't think it was important to listen to the little people.
One by one our freedoms are being taken away. Our free market capitalism is being destroyed and our business owners replaced with incompetent government bureaucrats who have no experience with those entities that they have stolen from the investors and rightful owners!
The press is so enamored with President Obama, that they report that he is above us all, floating above the earth like a god...
This is so frustrating for those of us who believe that the Constitution is our rightful model and guide, not the flowery speeches of an ambitious politician who is setting about to change our America into what he believes it should be.
The takeover of the auto dealerships has been the most frightening episode of private property theft by our own government that I have ever seen. Those poor people who owned dealerships, profitable dealerships, are now being forced to immediately sell their inventory at a loss and to turn over their customer base to other dealers! What right has Barack Obama to take property from one business and give it to another? This really is unprecedented and merciless.
I'm sorry to go on and on, but this whole situation is so unbelievable. Major changes are being made (outside the limitations of the Constitution), and no amount of warning by anyone seems to stop any of it. It almost seems deliberate!!! Please contact your representatives in Washington. It is so very important.
I'm getting down off my soapbox now, but please join me in prayer daily for our country!


  1. AMEN sista!!!!!! Isn't it scary how quickly it's happening?!?

  2. Hi, Brenis, Yes, it is VERY frightening!!


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