Friday, May 8, 2009

Prize Package Finally Reaches Gayle!!

I received an email from Gayle (she won the "Guess the Number of Worms" contest) and the prize package FINALLY arrived 10 days after it was mailed First Class. I don't know what happened with the USPS, but they took plenty of time to get it there!! Above is a picture of most of the prize. Included were a yellow redware star, a hand hooked key chain, the Polly Minick's "Rug Hooking Book of Days" and a stack of wool. I did also include two rusty wire garlands, one with tiny stars and the other with tiny hearts (not in picture). She seemed very pleased with the prize and I'm happy about that. I hope to see a rug you create using some of the wools, Gayle! Congratulations on winning!

I spent most of today with two of my sisters and my Mom. We went out to eat at Mom's favorite place and then went to a local nursery to buy flowers to plant. We got some pink double impatiens, some of the yellow-green sweet potato vines (LOVE THOSE), some purple petunias that were edged in white (really pretty), some pink petunias, and also a Limelight hydrangea bush for in front of her house. We then went to her house and planted a window box, three pots, and the hydrangea bush!! It was fun being together, and Mom is happy with the way everything looks!

Tomorrow is Olivia and Allison's last soccer game for the summer, so Mom and my sister are coming to that, too. (Then softball starts....busy summer!) I think we are all going out to eat tomorrow evening (our whole family) for Mother's Day. It will be nice. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day with your families. Until next time.


  1. What a nice prize you gave away!
    It sounds like you had a nice time yesterday!
    The plants you bought sound pretty- I have only bought a few so far!

  2. Thanks again for all the goodies Linda - they're just wonderful! I have to tell you a funny - when hubby got home I was showing him all my 'loot' and he was surprised that there was an owl included - I said "What owl?" - he thought the cat key chain looked like an owl - I thought that was funny!

  3. Gayle, This is weird...MY husband called it an owl, too! Does it look more like an owl to you? I thought it looked like a prim cat! That is too funny. I guess you can make it be whichever you want!.


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