Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthdays and Grandchildren

We just returned from Olivia's 5th birthday party. There are plenty of cousins, so it was a hectic evening with lots of pizza, presents and laughter. I was sitting there watching Olivia open her gifts (with Allison's help) and thinking back to when she was born. It seems like only yesterday. Come to think of it, it seems like only yesterday that OUR children were 5 and 3! Watching children grow up reinforces the truth of the Bible verse that compares human life to a "vapor". Time does fly!
Olivia and Allison are terrific "big sisters" to Kale who is not quite two months old. His evening consisted of sleeping (a miracle in itself, considering the noise and action going on all around him tonight), and eating. Liv and Alli are so careful and gentle with Kale. It is cute to watch them "mothering" him. I'm sure the gentle attention will eventually turn into sibling rivalry, but we can enjoy the sweet protective gestures now. Being Grandpa and Grandma is a great blessing!

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