Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pets We Love!

Graybee was born on April 23, 2006. When Graybee was a tiny gray fuzz explosion of a kitten, we started calling him "gray baby" because we couldn't think of a name for him. We tried out dignified names like Grayson, Maximillian, and Grendel. Somehow they just didn't stick and the result was a shortened version of gray baby.
Graybee is an outdoor/indoor cat. He prefers indoors in inclement weather and much prefers outdoors at night and on nice warm days. He is really kind of like a dog in some respects...he meows at the door when he wants to go out, and if he does something naughty, a simple "no, no!" will usually stop the offensive behavior. He is a big cat, weighing about 16 pounds. Most days in winter, you will find him asleep on the living room loveseat listening to "New Age" music. He really does love that music!

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